The Joy of Serving: Bri’s Story

By: Jenn Myers

Posted: 4.20.21

Bri Freeman first came to Cho-Yeh as an Explorers counselor four years ago. She loved working with our youngest campers in their cabins, but has started serving them in a new way.

After spending two awesome summers as a counselor, Bri joined the production team, working behind the scenes to support programming for our campers. This year, she will be serving as Production Lead.

“I love getting the kids excited about hanging out together and working together to achieve a goal. It’s so fun to watch them get enthusiastic about Camp through games and skits.”

As Production Lead, Bri will create nightly games, run A/O Showdown, lead rallies and energizers, and design walk-ons for each week of Camp. Even though this position looks very different from a counselor role, Bri finds it very rewarding.

“On production team, I don’t pour into campers as much one-on-one. But, I get to see the fruit of what the counselors, rec team, and everyone else are doing. I get to all see the campers’ smiles.”

Bri loved getting to know the girls in her cabin, but being on production team has given her a new perspective of how each staff member at Cho-Yeh impacts the whole Camp. She also gets to be a part of a close-knit and supportive Production Team.

“I’ve learned a lot about serving others and helping them to be their best, while also letting them help me. Ministry can get hard some days, but constantly we lean on and encourage each other.”

Not only has Bri enjoyed getting to create fun productions for campers and working with her team, but her support staff role has been very transformative for her personally.

“Camp definitely made me a much more confident person and more confident in my faith. It really challenged me to dig deep into what I believe and be bolder in sharing the Gospel.”

While we do not always see them, it really does take a massive team of people with a variety of talents and skills to help campers have the best experience at Cho-Yeh. All of the roles at Camp (including support staff) are important and provide college students with the chance to learn new things, build new relationships, and connect with God in new ways.

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