Totally Different: Hannah’s Story

By: Jenn Myers

Posted: 3.25.22

Hannah first came to Cho-Yeh the summer before she entered seventh grade. She had been feeling the pressures of being in middle school, on top of the added chaos of the past year. While Hannah could hardly wait for her first week at Camp her family didn’t expect Cho-Yeh would have such a big impact on her.

“When Hannah left for Camp she was super excited to just be away from home. She had been having issues with choosing to do things that are against the rules for our family. The Hannah that came back home is a totally different person.”

Hannah’s mother noticed a ton of changes in her daughter’s character and faith after Camp. Her experience at Cho-Yeh encouraged her to dig deeper into the Bible, provided intentional mentorship with her counselors, and taught Hannah lessons that will stick with her far beyond the summer.

“Hannah has talked non-stop about her experience at camp. She said that she learned at Camp that it is important to tell the truth and try and make right choices. She expressed that the Bible studies helped her understand that God is always there, even if she cannot feel or see Him working on her behalf.”

Ever since she left Camp, Hannah has not stopped talking about her counselors, friends, and memories. Not only that, but her time at Cho-Yeh has completely changed her mindset, revolutionized her faith, and encouraged her to make choices that show love to those around her. Hannah is already excited to continue building relationships with the people she connected with at Camp and is planning to return to Camp next year and for many years to come!

“Hannah told me it was super important that she keeps coming, as she loves it there, and in her fifth year she gets a cross… and she wants to earn her cross.”

Coming to Camp might only seem like spending a week away from home, but this is just the starting point. Truly, time spent at Cho-Yeh propels campers to continue growing in character and faith throughout the school year and the rest of their lives. The growth that is sparked during a week at Camp is vital to shaping kids like Hannah into the next generation of Christian leaders and equipping them to succeed.