Waypoint – “Camp Internship”, “Camp Internship in Texas”

It can be overwhelming deciding where to be with all the camp internships available across the nation. However, at Camp Cho-Yeh, you belong here. Camp Cho-Yeh offers a Waypoint Leadership Program that is a paid, year-long commitment beginning in August. The interns who go through this program have the opportunity to work within many different aspects of camp ministry. Waypoint is the best camp internship program because of its unique focus on building community and personal development. Within this focal point, the five core focuses of the Waypoint Leadership Program are experience, community, discipleship, mentorship, and meaningful work. The work a camp intern is part of throughout the duration of the program encompasses these five pillars. Here is a deeper look at why each of these aspects sets Camp Cho-Yeh’s camp internship as one of the best.

What kind of experience will I gain from a Camp Internship in Texas?

Camp internships at Cho-Yeh provide the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a fun, mission-driven context. Camp internships pave the way for college graduates to become equipped with real marketable skills in a variety of vocations. We are now hiring for a variety of camp internships, including retreat host interns, recreation interns, construction crew, maintenance intern, recruiter, trading post manager, and Compass Gap Year resident assistant. By the end of the camp internship program at Cho-Yeh, a Waypoint Leadership intern will have acquired job skills that can be used in a full-time vocation. With some coaching and direction from our HR department, interns will also leave with a well-crafted resume that highlights their experience and skills.

What kind of community will I be a part of if I take a Camp Internship in Texas?

The various camp internships come together to create a strong, central community throughout the duration of the Waypoint Leadership Internship program. This community most often extends well beyond our time at camp together. Though there is no guarantee, a large portion of Cho-Yeh’s past interns now work on the full-time staff and get to continue to serve alongside one another. The community built among Waypoint Interns at Camp is deep, meaningful, authentic and enduring. Our desire is to model after the Acts 2 church, living amongst one another to build up, to encourage, and to serve one another. This is achieved through the 40-50 hours per week interns are working alongside one another, followed by the 10-15 hours of personal and community development interns experience in the evenings each week. The size of the program allows the camp internship positions to provide a close-knit community as people with all sorts of different talents come together to work and live as one body.

What kind of Spiritual Growth and Discipleship should I expect from a Camp Internship in Texas?

What sets this camp internship apart from many other internship programs is how Camp Cho-Yeh’s Waypoint Leadership Program focuses on creating an environment where interns are pursuing Christ together by seeking personal growth. A key step in this process is understanding how God has uniquely created you. Through various self-assessments and coaching, interns leave the program knowing their strengths, passions, behavior profiles, love languages and spiritual gifts. Through Bible Studies, service, small groups and one-on-one discipleship, Cho-Yeh’s camp internship involves exercises and tasks that seek to stretch and challenge interns towards growth in Christ. The goal of this discipleship is to become closer to Christ while developing a better understanding and confidence in this identity that is rooted in Christ. The central community creates an environment that challenges Waypoint Leadership interns towards pursuing the Lord as they are stretched to reach new levels of personal growth.

What kind of Mentorship is offered through Camp Internships in Texas?

Each Waypoint Leadership Intern is partnered with a full-time staff member for the express purpose of mentoring and encouraging personal, spiritual and professional growth. Like the Acts 2 church, interns will be build relationships with their mentors in order to model after a Paul and Timothy type of mentor-mentee relationship. Mentors take in interns through praying, welcoming interns into their homes, serving alongside them, encouraging and challenging them, and just stepping in to do life alongside the interns as one body working for the Lord in the ministry they currently have been placed. Cho-Yeh’s camp internship prioritizes mentorship paired with discipleship in order to better create a deeper community. With a heart for growing others, our full-time staff intentionally pour into our interns as they meet together one-on-one each month throughout their experience as a camp intern.

What kind of Meaningful Work is available through Camp Internships in Texas?

Stepping into Cho-Yeh’s camp internship means an intern gets to jump into the kingdom work as we seek to fulfill Cho-Yeh’s mission: to be a place where Jesus Christ transforms lives through meaningful relationships and outdoor adventures. Camp interns will work 40-50 hours per week, on top of 10-15 hours of community development activities in the evenings. Though the days may be long, and the work will often be hard, interns find joy in serving in a place where the work they do is bigger than themselves. For construction and maintenance interns, they get to build and create to provide a safe environment and to bring fun improvements to camp. The host and recreation interns, recruiter, trading post, and Compass gap year resident assistant all get to jump in developing customer service and leadership skills as they learn to better communicate, plan, and organize tasks within camp ministry.