Waypoint Community

Camp Cho-Yeh desires to build the next generation of Christian leaders through cultivating faith, nurturing community, and forging character.  Waypoint Interns live on camp which allows them to immerse themselves in a Biblical community that is focused on teamwork, service, and healthy communication. 

We believe that God created us to live in community, and as an organization, wholeheartedly value mutual trust and mutual respect.  We also understand that our society – and in many cases, our families – are not providing a healthy environment to learn these skills.  While we don’t have it all figured out perfectly, Waypoint Interns will strive towards a common vision of healthy conflict resolution and thinking of others first.

“I wanted to be in camping ministry so I wanted to be immersed in an environment where I could grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. I am coming away with leadership skills that will benefit me for future careers.  I am excited to be staying at Cho-Yeh for another year in a different role.” – Tamzie, Kentucky

"The Waypoint program was a time of tremendous growth in my life.  I loved the opportunities that we had to learn about camp, but also how to build and thrive in a healthy community.  Learning how to ask intentional questions and how to intentionally listen are just a couple of skills I picked up that I'll be using for the rest of my life!" - PJ, California

“I really enjoyed going through Bible study with the other interns and building community through that. We all had different perspectives on things, so it really brought to life the “iron sharpens iron” scripture.” – Kaylyn, Arkansas

“Living in Christian community causes you to learn more about yourself and how people interpret how you come across. You make long lasting friendships with bonds that few understand.” – Matt, Indiana

“My favorite part of the Waypoint experience was the way the full time staff families invited us into their homes and invested in our lives. Now that I’m full time here, I continue to grow in those relationships, both with full time staff and the other interns.”- Amy, Minnesota

A closer look into Waypoint Leadership Program

An Intern’s Experience

Waypoint Leadership Program equips participants to serve well, to be hospitable, and to learn the many characteristics encompassing being a leader. For more insight into Waypoint, check out one intern's experiences from completing the program.

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