Why take A Gap Year?

Not a year off, but a year up!

Camp Cho-Yeh is passionate about our vision of building the next generation of Christian leaders through cultivating faith, nurturing community, and forging character.  A 9-month discipleship program allows 18-22 year-olds the opportunity to develop much needed leadership and life skills before taking next steps in the real world.

Cultivating Faith

We want to see our students grow in their faith by learning about God and His Word and how this should inform every area of their lives.

Nurturing Community

We want to teach our students the tools necessary for developing and maintaining healthy interpersonal-relationships. This will make them successful in everything from business to marriage.

Forging Character

We desire that our students would not only increase in virtues like perseverance, integrity, work ethic, compassion, and discipline, but also to be equipped with basic life skills that are practical for everyday living (i.e. budgeting/finances, healthy diet/cooking, car maintenance, etc.).


Compass is intellectually rigorous and spiritually nurturing, with an emphasis on forming well-rounded adults. If the next generation is to be equipped to go into all areas of life, then Christ and His Word must be the bedrock of this foundation. At Compass, we understand and embrace this kind of posture in our mission, vision and values. We would welcome the opportunity to join with your student as they prepare to launch into the next phase of their life.

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