Cultivating Community Within A Family

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 8.29.18

For the past three summers triplets Lauren, Allie, and Sarah, have attended Cho Yeh. Their time at camp has changed the way they approach their lives back home. Christ wasn’t a priority for the triplets prior to camp, but Allie describes her experience with the “Christlike community” of Cho-Yeh as a perfect fit for their family. The triplets choose, every year, to be in a cabin as a family, and grow through their Bible studies together.

Through their time at Camp they’ve learned the important skills of vulnerability and trust. They were profoundly impacted by their old counselor, Natalie, whose testimony taught them that God works through the big and small things in life and how to be open about their relationship with Christ.

Before Cho-Yeh

The triplets said before camp, they would be closed off to others and they’d find it hard to include others in their “inner circle” but Natalie’s vulnerability to everyone in their cabin encouraged them to open up to others.


Allie says that their conversations at home are markedly different, “before camp, we stayed away from talking about God, but now it’s our go to.”

Lauren sees the changes she experienced at camp in how she relates to her church family as well, “At camp you see a lot of selfless attitudes which have worn off on me, I’ve seen it impact my attitude at church, showing the same love and excitement from Cho-Yeh in my church.”

Sarah loves the changes that she has seen in her sisters and the way camp impacts them year round,”It’s amazing to see my sisters talk about their faith as a family, and see them encourage each other’s faith outside of camp.”

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